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What We Offer

Making the Connection in Math offers professional development and consulting services for mathematics teachers in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas. Our services are designed to improve your content and instructional delivery. The following services can be customized for you:

Campus-Based Professional Development Services

  • Seminars
  • Student Engagement
  • Language of Mathematics
  • Discovery Lesson Planning Strategies
  • Algebraic Structure
  • Instructional Delivery
  • In-Class Modeling
  • Coaching
  • Classroom Observation With Feedback
  • Small Group/Department Meetings (Seminars)
  • Data Analysis

Student-Based Mathematics Camps and Seminars

  • Middle School and High School Students
  • Summer Algebra Boot Camps(Elementary and Middle School students)

Tutorial Services (Middle School/High School)

  • One-On-One Tutoring
  • Group Tutorials
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